POKE CAPITAL is a strategic asset allocator, using seed money and intellectual capital to fund vertical market ventures.
Our investments are made after solid understanding of each opportunity and a meaningful analysis of value levers.

. Team

POKE has successfully aggregated a core-team of talented professionals with complementary expertise. The team works synergically for more than 10 years and have accomplished several investments on the various markets.

. Mission

Our mission is to deploy an initial seed capital and considerable sweat in order to convert non-obvious business opportunities into long lasting, innovative and profitable platforms. Tailor-made solutions on the asset management space have also being object of our scope since inception.

. Spirit

Most of our ventures are based on partnerships which we understand as a healthy solution, aligned with our mindset and most important, eager to outstand.

. Technology

Technology has always being one of the pivots that POKE CAPITAL employes to add value to its ventures and investments. Our team tends to like opportunities that corelates to technology. Primarily those which can be financially improved by intensive and technical redesign and implementation.

. Healthcare

Healthcare is certainly one of the most inefficient markets, worldwide. POKE has being always considerably attracted to it due to its complexities and nuances, which for most, are presented as roadblocks for successful solutions. POKE has being devoted into shifting paradigms on the Healthcare space.

. Asset Management

Since inception, POKE has always being involved on creating tailor-made financial solutions, which goes from credit/risk management, succession planning and strategic capital allocation, including outliers such as metals mining/trading.

POKE has being very active on various locations for different opportunities.


POKE has being very active on the healthcare industry in Germany for the last 10+ years, focused mostly on partnerships for developing highly-technological implantable medical devices through minimally invaside procedures.


Brazil has being an obvious location for POKE since 3+ years ago, right at the credit boom, which originated considerable opportunities on the performing and non-performing credit, including rating, securitization, collections and insurance. Healthcare has also being one of the targets for POKE in Brazil.


Uruguay is currently on POKE's radar, mostly for major opportunities on the low income financing sector, real estate development and banking system.